Camp Chat: DT Dusty Dvoracek

After three consecutive years ending up on injured reserve, Dusty Dvoracek decided it's time to make a change. Aside from getting rid of his trademark long locks, is there anything different about him in 2009? Here's what Dvoracek told Bear Report after practice Monday in this exclusive interview.

John Crist: In this defense, the tackles and ends rotate quite liberally. Do you ever have trouble getting into a rhythm, either in practice or in games, because you're rarely on the field for more than two or three plays in a row?

Dusty Dvoracek: I don't think so. I think all of us know that we rotate guys so much that, when you're out there, you've got to make the most of your reps. It keeps fresh legs out there. We're getting off the ball [and] causing havoc, so it's always nice to have fresh legs just getting up the field.

JC: Do you go into a game having a basic idea how many snaps you're going to be on the field, or does the coaching staff tend to substitute based on feel for the most part from week to week?

DD: I think it's kind of up to the coaches. As the year went on last year, I think, to keep guys fresh we rotated quite a bit. Most of the guys in the interior split reps. It was pretty even across the board, so I think they just like to do a good job of keeping fresh legs out there as the season wears on.

JC: Should Bears fans expect to see anything different defensively this season now that Lovie Smith will be calling the signals? Will there be more Cover 2, as opposed to all the Cover 3 you guys ran a year ago?

Dvoracek has ended up on IR all three seasons.
Getty Images: Jonathan Daniel

DD: I don't know all about that. We get off the ball, we're getting after the quarterback [and] trying to get in the backfield. We don't worry about coverage calls [or] any of that. I think that Coach Smith believes in the defensive line up front [and] the front seven. We're probably just going to keep it basic. That's all we've been doing, just keeping it basic, relying on the front four to get pressure and stop the run with seven [defenders] in the box.

JC: Everyone here is raving about Rod Marinelli so far and how great of a teacher he is in the trenches. But for you personally, have you learned more about the game from a physical or a mental standpoint?

DD: Everything. He's an unbelievably great coach. He knows defensive line inside and out, and he just coaches with such passion. He gets you so motivated in practice every day. He makes you want to get better. He demands you to be better. He demands the most out of you. Even when you don't think you have any more, he demands it. So he's getting the absolute best out of every guy, creating great competition inside for all of us – D-ends, D-tackles, noses. So I think we're going to have a great bunch. You can't say enough about Coach Marinelli.

JC: I wonder if you're a couple pounds lighter this season after getting such a serious haircut. Why did you finally decide to get rid of your trademark long hair after all this time?

DD: I don't know, man. I've just had long hair for like six years now. I just wanted a change. I've been hurt three years with the long hair, so I figured cut the hair off. Maybe we'll stay healthy, and we'll see what can happen.

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