Camp Chat: OT Lance Louis

The Chicago Bears haven't had very much success selecting offensive linemen in later rounds the last few years, but seventh-round pick Lance Louis has been awfully good so far at left tackle. Here's what Louis told Bear Report after practice Tuesday in an exclusive interview.

John Crist: General manager Jerry Angelo raved on NFL Draft weekend about your 40-yard dash time at your Pro Day workout. What was your time again?

Lance Louis: I had a lot of different times. Some clocked me in the 4.7s, some clocked me a high 4.6 and some people got me at like a high 4.8. I was just having a great day. I worked hard at it and just worked hard training, and it worked for me at Pro Day. I'm real excited about it.

JC: You were originally a tight end in college, and there was some talk that you might play that position again for the Bears. But when rookie minicamp opened up, you were on the offensive line. What happened there?

LL: I talked to them on the phone when I got drafted. It was a mistake. That's just how it was. It was a mistake. It was supposed to be O-line.

JC: Instead of working you in slowly at either guard spot or maybe even right tackle, you've been lining up pretty much exclusively at left tackle. How much experience do you have there in your career?

Louis has never played the left tackle position.
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LL: I have no left tackle [experience]. I played right tackle in college, but this is my first time ever playing left tackle. I'm just working on the technique. It's coming along slowly, but I've just got to keep working at it. And it's fun.

JC: You struck gold coming to a team with a left tackle like Orlando Pace. Have you hunted him down for some advice? Has he ever come up to you with a suggestion? How's that been going so far?

LL: I just pick his brain sometimes about my technique and what can I do to better myself, to kick better and how to punch better. He just helps me out a lot. All the guys on the O-line just help me and Johan [Asiata] out. It's just a blessing to be around this group of guys. There's so many great guys on that O-line. I'm just thankful I came to the Bears.

JC: I asked Pace the other day about what it means to him when he hears that an offensive line needs time to "jell." What exactly does a time-tested football cliché like that mean to you?

LL: Just knowing what you're doing together. You've just got to know everybody's on the same page. It's like a brotherhood on the line. It's like a chain. You've got to know what he's doing, he's got to know what you're doing and kind of know what you're thinking on this and like that. I think that's what jelling means.

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