Camp Chat: WR Devin Aromashodu

First it was Brandon Rideau stealing headlines in training camp for the Chicago Bears, and now it's Devin Aromashodu. Can these two honestly help what was expected to be a weak receiving corps? Here's what Aromashodu told Bear Report after practice Tuesday in this exclusive interview.

John Crist: Even though you had to have learned a lot from Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne when you were with the Colts, how hard is it to get noticed around the league with those two guys in front of you on the depth chart?

Devin Aromashodu: I was young. I spent most of my first two years there. My first year wasn't as bad because I was on practice squad, so I was just learning. And hopefully when I got a chance to play there, whether it be there or somewhere else, I could learn from the things that I learned from them and just put that on the field to use. It wasn't really bad just sitting back and learning.

JC: What's it like catching a pass from Jay Cutler in Chicago as opposed to Peyton Manning in Indianapolis? Not many wideouts in the NFL can say they've been on the receiving from both of those guys.

DA: Jay Cutler has a stronger arm. Everybody knows his arm is real strong, so his balls are going to get there in a hurry. Peyton Manning, his arm has never really been that strong to me, but it gets where it needs to get. It get to where it needs to get to and it has a nice touch on it, so that's what I would say the difference was.

JC: Both here and in Indy, the quarterback position is solidified with Cutler and Manning. But when you were with the Redskins, Jason Campbell has been looking over his shoulder seemingly since he got drafted. Does that just go to show having a QB entrenched as "The Man" is the single most important component of any offense?

Aromashodu is getting snaps with the first unit.
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DA: Yeah, I think it is priority No. 1 because when you have a leader, most of the time on a team it's the signal caller. When things go bad, they look to him. When things go good, they look at him. So having someone that the team has confidence in, that means he has more opportunities to change the plays because they have confidence that he'll make the right decision. It definitely makes us feel good as a team knowing that we have a true quarterback that's going to be here.

JC: If you want to make this 53-man roster, you're going to have to be a contributor on special teams. What phases of special teams have you been involved with here in training camp, and do you have a particular phase where you excel the most?

DA: I've pretty much been on all the phases. I'm just trying to get in wherever I fit in at. I've been doing some gunner, and I'm going to work some of the front line on kickoff return. So we'll see in the preseason game how things work out, but I think I'll be able to get in somewhere.

JC: What can you bring to the Bears receiving corps that maybe some of your competition here in Bourbonnais can't?

DA: I think everybody has something different that they bring to the corps. But I think myself, I think I bring good size, I bring some intelligence and I bring some speed, so some things that can help us in the long run if they choose to use me.

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