Camp Chat: DT Anthony Adams

One of the more underrated Chicago Bears the last few years, Anthony Adams is again in the running to be the starting nose tackle. Always affable both on and off the field, his personality is unique and refreshing. Here is what Adams told Bear Report after practice Tuesday in this exclusive interview.

John Crist: One of the focal points of training camp has been the front four putting more pressure on the quarterback. After one preseason game, how do you think you guys did against the Bills?

Anthony Adams: I don't know. I think if we did great, we wouldn't have been satisfied. I just think that's the kind of mindset that we have. We had one sack as a defensive line, and that's not good enough for us. I mean, of course, you're not going to get a sack every play, but at least you want to get some pressure, force a throw and things like that, things that we weren't able to do. So we've just got to get that wired in, get focused and have a better game.

JC: During the regular season, you do anything you can to win. But in the preseason, all you care about is getting your work done. Do you have to take a different approach preseason to regular season coming out of the tunnel?

AA: I think you kind of take the same approach, because you've got to get ready. We've got Green Bay coming, and you know how that is. Chicago Bears and Green Bay, you've got to get ready and you've got to get yourself up for this game. You've got to take the same approach until they tell you you're down. So you've got to get the game speed down, you've got to get your legs under you and use these games as kind of like glorified scrimmages and just progress every game. You take the same approach, but once they tell you you're down, you've got to follow that.

JC: The Bears do almost no game-planning before preseason games. Would you like to see the coaches implement more of the scheme in order to better simulate what you're going to do once the games count?

Adams likes the league's schedule the way it is.
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AA: I wouldn't. I think you've got to read your keys and just go out and play football. They really want to see you play base football and see if your instincts are going to take over, if you're able to do the little things. Because down low, little things become big things. We've got that posted in most of the defensive line rooms: Don't let little things become big things. So just stay on top of your keys. I like how we do it, where we just play base defense and guys just get after it, because then you don't have to worry about anything.

JC: There's been a lot of talk about the schedule itself. Let's say you're the Commissioner of the NFL for a day. If it were up to you, how many preseason games would you play and how many regular season games would you play?

AA: I would keep it the same, I think. It's been that way for a while, and if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it. I like the four [preseason games] and 16 regular season [games], so just keep it the same.

JC: There's a Los Angeles doctor who claims Lamar Odom is such an erratic player with the Lakers because he has a ridiculous sweet tooth, and I instantly thought of you when I saw the story. Since you have a notorious sweet tooth and it's even become a part of your personality, do you think it's possible something like that can have an effect on a pro athlete's performance come game day?

AA: Yeah, definitely. I mean, especially if you're doing something like that the night before [games]. Like I try to be pretty disciplined, but I don't know. You've got so much free food, man. You can only walk past those donuts and cookies so many times. You can only say no, like OK, I'm not going to have that cookie. But then you keep walking past it, like you go to one meeting to the next, and you're like, Man, those cookies are still right there. It's like they're looking at you saying, "Come on, let's go." But you've got to resist, but I can see how that could be a problem. Because sometimes, if you're paying for it, you're like, Yeah, let me get one. But if it's free, it's like, Well, let me get like five of these. I'll burn it off. People have different bodies. A cookie for me, it might take me a long time to burn that. An Israel Idonije, he might burn it like while he's eating it. Like me, it might take me a day. You've got guys like Israel, who's like chiseled and all that. See me, I'm not too chiseled. So I try to stay away from the cookies.

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