Camp Chat: WR Brandon Rideau

Despite the fact that Brandon Rideau has been in the NFL since 2005 and around the Chicago Bears organization for a while, he is yet to make his first catch. Look for all that to change this year. Here is what Rideau told Bear Report after a morning mini practice Wednesday in this exclusive interview.

John Crist: You said on the radio Wednesday that you came to training with a different attitude. Instead of just trying to make the team, it was your goal to be a starter. How do you go about making such a drastic change in philosophy?

Brandon Rideau: Actually, it started at the end of the year last year. All offseason, all summer, I had to change the way I was going about my business. You've got to be better. You've got to have that mindset that you're not just going to make the team, but you're going to play. I decided a while back that I've got to change my way of thinking out here.

JC: You and Earl Bennett keep hearing the same criticism that you haven't made a catch yet in the NFL. Does it bother you when you hear that, or are you used to it by now and it is what it is?

BR: You've got to start somewhere. The greatest guys come in, and they just get the opportunity and they take advantage of it. I never had the opportunity or hadn't had the privilege to get out there and make the plays, but this time around I've got to make a difference.

JC: Jay Cutler is a different kind of player than Rex Grossman, Kyle Orton and Brian Griese were, especially from a mobility perspective. I know the offense is the same, but has it been tweaked to take advantage of Cutler's athleticism?

Rideau came to camp with a different approach.
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BR: Well, the way the offense is set up, it's pretty basic. The way [offensive coordinator Ron Turner] wants the offense run is how he wants it run, and you've got to adjust sometimes to your different style of quarterbacks. But nothing too major, Just little tweaks here and there. You just want to get the guys out there that will make the plays.

JC: Unfortunately, you didn't make any catches in the preseason opener. As a receiver, is it possible to still put some quality work on film for the coaching staff if you're not the target of a few passes?

BR: Yeah, because all the teams get the film. All the teams get to see what you do. It definitely is better when you get opportunities to catch the ball, but just running routes and blocking and stuff like that, coaches want to see that you're doing it and you're doing it the right way and you're doing it consistently.

JC: The offense didn't have a good performance Tuesday, as the D simply got the best of you guys. Is it possible to put together a 100-percent effort each and every day of camp, or is the occasional letdown just inevitable?

BR: Yeah, you're going to have tough days. It's part of football. The defense, they get paid, too. They're going to come out and play to the best of their abilities. They're going to correct some mistakes, we're going to make some mistakes, we're going to correct some mistakes, so it's just an up-and-down process. It's just all about who can do the job consistently.

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