Bear Report Audio: LB Jamar Williams

Lovie Smith says Jamar Williams still has a chance to start at strong-side linebacker. Unfortunately for him, he tweaked an ankle in the second preseason game Saturday against the Giants. Will Williams be OK next week? Listen to what he told Bear Report in this exclusive audio feature.

John Crist: After the Buffalo game, the world was coming to an end. And then after tonight's game, everybody looked really, really good. Are you amazed, even as a fourth-year player, at just how crazy the ebbs and flows are with how this team is perceived with the fans and the media and everybody else?

Jamar Williams: Sometimes you don't really see and get to see all the things that we do. Like the first game, we didn't have everything up. We didn't have our whole playbook in there. And Buffalo, they had their second game, so they were able to do a little bit more. This game, you could see we did a little bit more on defense, as well as offense and special teams. What we did tonight is nothing that we didn't know we couldn't do, and we didn't expect anything different. We went out there, played hard and made a lot of plays, and [we're] really excited about this next game as well.

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