Bear Report Audio: DE Mark Anderson

After watching him go from near Defensive Rookie of the Year to nearly ineffective, the Chicago Bears are trying to get more out of Mark Anderson. Listen to what Anderson said to Bear Report in the locker room at Soldier Field after a big 17-14 victory over Pittsburgh in this exclusive audio feature.

John Crist: One of the cliches in the NFL is that a defending Super Bowl champ always gets their opponent's best shot each and every Sunday. Did you feel like you were giving a little more against the Steelers today because they are the Super Bowl champions, or does all that go away once the ball is kicked off?

Mark Anderson: Once the ball is kicked off, it's a new year. Everybody starts from scratch. Everybody is trying to get to the Super Bowl, so we play every team like it's our last game. We're trying to do whatever it takes to get to the Super Bowl and to get to Miami, so we're going hard every snap.

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