Gilbert Rookie Diary: 12th Entry

It took two games of being in street clothes, but DT Jarron Gilbert was finally active in Week 3 at Seattle for the Chicago Bears. In another installment of his Rookie Diary, Gilbert looks back on the crazy-loud noise level at Qwest Field and what he's expecting from Matthew Stafford and the Lions.

Well, another win. It's strange to have two in a row where the other team missed field goals when they definitely mattered. We were glad to come out on top and head back to Chicago.

The travel was fine, although it's a long ride to Seattle. As we had expected, the crowd noise was amazing. We do train for that during practice. The coaches set up noise machines on the sidelines so we can become accustomed to the distraction. But in a game situation, somehow it seems much louder than anything we've experienced in practice.

When the defense is on the field, fan noise isn't as much of a distraction. They tend to stay pretty quiet so their offense can perform. But when our offense was out there, it was noticeable.

I've been asked what I thought of the Seahawks' new uniforms, the ones that featured lime green and black. I think we were all pretty surprised when we saw them for the first time. I'm not going to say anything negative about the look, but I will say that I am glad nobody with the Bears has asked us to wear anything like that.

I was active for the first time. I was told a few days ahead of time, and it was definitely exciting. It didn't affect my overall game preparation, as our job is to be ready at all times, but I was looking forward to being in the uniform during a regular season game. And yes, I was able to sleep the night before. But when I woke upon game day, it was a great feeling.

What surprised me as far as the Seahawks offense was concerned is the speed and mobility of the quarterback. As you know, Matt Hasselbeck was out with an injury, and the backup, Seneca Wallace, started. Due to Hasselbeck's uncertain status the week before, we prepared for playing against either of them.

DT Jarron Gilbert
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We knew going in that Wallace would be fast, but what I hadn't expected was his overall mobility. He gets around well, particularly when he's been flushed out of the pocket. His passes were sharp, and he had a good eye for the receivers.

Seattle had that one long 10-play drive, which can be hard on the defense. This is where a good conditioning program is important. We stayed in there fine. The best situation, though, is when there is a relatively even balance between offensive and defensive plays.

I had another question: What happens in the locker room to help turn around a game like this past one? Of course, each game is different, but generally I'd say that when we're behind at the half, we talk about what has happened then figure out how each of us is going to step up his game. We all want to improve where we haven't been as strong as we'd like to be.

There never is a sense of panic, which is a very good thing. When a team feels pressure, mistakes can happen. Everybody tends to rush and try too hard. What I saw, however, was confidence that we would get it done. It was just a matter of changing some things around to help that happen. When you are comfortable with the adjustments your team has made, good things follow.

Detroit is coming up, playing in Chicago this weekend. They have been an underrated team in my opinion and a team that should be taken seriously. They got their win last weekend, and they'll want another this week. I think it will be hard fought, one that we will work to win. Matthew Stafford looked strong last week, and he had strong receivers. We're looking at the film now and planning the defense.

I hope that I am active again, but I'm not taking anything for granted. I'll continue to work hard and hope that the coaches feel I can contribute on the field.

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