Bear Report Audio: DE Gaines Adams

In this exclusive audio feature at, listen to what Chicago Bears defensive end Gaines Adams had to say in the locker room right before practice Wednesday at Halas Hall.

John Crist: When Bears general manager Jerry Angelo acquired you, he told the media that for the price he paid he doesn't need you to be a great player. You just need to be a contributor. But you're a former No. 4-overall pick. In your mind, do you still need to be a great player to be a success in this league and for this team?

Gaines Adams: Well, it doesn't matter if I was the first pick, fourth pick, second-round pick – I love to play football. I want to be the best player possible that I can be. It doesn't matter what round I went in, what pick I went in. I just want to be a great football player when I'm done playing in this league.

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