Gilbert Rookie Diary: 15th Entry

In this latest entry into his Rookie Diary, Jarron Gilbert writes about that train wreck he witnessed in Cincinnati, finally getting back home to Chicago and Week 8 against the Browns.

It was a disappointing game against the Bengals last weekend, but I guess it's the kind of thing where you take what happened and then move on.

I was inactive, so I was watching from the sideline. What I was trying to do was learn as much as I possibly could from the play out on the field so that when it's my time to go in, I'll be ready.

We'd studied film on the Bengals extensively the week before, so I'd say there were no great surprises as far as what Cincinnati's offense brought. What was somewhat surprising, though, at least it was to me, was the speed of their offense. You never want a team you're up against to go out there and get a score right away.

This week, I've been asked what it feels like to watch a tough game unfold from the perspective I had along the sideline. I'd say you just have to take whatever positive you can from what is happening on the field. There's no point in getting frustrated, as there isn't much you can do.

That said, though, I always felt that we had a chance to come back. All the players would tell you the same thing. Adjustments were made on both our offense and defense as the game progressed, and quite a few things were changed up at halftime. But whatever we did just didn't seem to work. It was one of those days where no matter what you do to turn it around, things don't go your way. It was discouraging.

DT Jarron Gilbert
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What can be a problem when your team gets behind like that is that you tend to take chances, so it was important to do everything deliberately, which I think we were able to do. You never want to let yourself get into a position of panic.

Once the momentum was clearly on the Bengals' side, it just got more pronounced as the game progressed. The home crowd really got into it, which helped their team and certainly didn't help ours.

But that's over now. There are plenty of games left on our schedule, so we're regrouping and refocusing on next weekend's opponent: the Cleveland Browns.

Although the Browns lost last week, they are not the type of team you'd ever want to underestimate. We'll be going over their game film very carefully and see what we can pick up as far as their tendencies.

We haven't been to Soldier Field in quite a while. We had the away games plus the bye week, so we've been on the road more often than not. It will be good to get back into our home-game routine. This begins a stretch in Chicago, so we should be able to settle in pretty well. It's good to be able to go home at night, and it's always nice to have a short commute.

I don't think that anybody here is discouraged. But I do think that we are going to have some pretty intense practices this week to be sure we're ready. I understand that the fans felt we'd let them down last weekend, and we want to turn that around.

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