Bear Report Audio: LB Nick Roach

In this exclusive audio feature at, listen to what Chicago Bears linebacker Nick Roach had to say in the locker room after a 30-6 win over the Cleveland Browns at Soldier Field.

John Crist: I know you guys won by 24 points, but I think the sentiment in the locker room is that no one's really happy with the performance. The defense played well, but have you ever been a part of such a lopsided win but not really feeling that great about it?

Nick Roach: Yeah, it's kind of a weird thing, I guess, when you win by a lot but you could definitely have won by more or performed a lot better. But a win's a win at the end of the day. We're happy to get it. And just like any other week, we'll see what we did wrong, correct it and then go from there.

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