Gilbert Rookie Diary: 16th Entry

In this latest entry into his Rookie Diary, Jarron Gilbert writes about that unsatisfying win over Cleveland, what he expects from Arizona and how his confidence is doing these days.

Another week on the sideline, but I'm patient and willing to put in my time in practice until the coaches feel its time for me to go in.

The game against the Browns went pretty much as we had expected it to. We got points on the board and were able to function pretty well. There was a good balance of offense and defense, without the guys on either side of the ball on the field for an extended period of time. The defense had some good turnovers and takeaways, which helped take pressure off of the offense.

I understand that some of the fans weren't completely happy with the performance on the field, but getting the win is always the most important part of this whole thing.

Next up are the Cardinals, in another home game for us. Arizona has a tough team. They are fast and can get things going on you quickly. It will be our job to keep their offense under control and give our offense the best possible field position.

We are just starting to look at their film, so I don't have any specifics on our game plan yet, but that will develop as the week goes on. Obviously, Kurt Warner is a seasoned and skilled quarterback, and they also have good receivers. It will be necessary to put pressure on from early in the game and keep the intensity up through all four quarters.

DT Jarron Gilbert
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I was asked this week if the players have any different mindset as we prepare to play against a more difficult team as opposed to a team that might be perceived as easier to beat. My answer would be that you never know for sure from week to week who is going to come out hard. Teams can lose a few games, but then they will come and beat you. The same is true in reverse. A team can be playing really well, and then they have an off week.

You know what they say" "Any given Sunday." What that means to me is that you always need to be prepared. The team that wants it more is usually going to come out on top. That was true in college, and I'm certain that is also the case here at the NFL level. You never take an opponent for granted. Right now we know Arizona is good, so we'll just have to work that much harder to prepare.

Another question I've had is how my personal mindset is right now. Sure, I'm somewhat disappointed at not having the opportunity to get out there much, but I am still confident in my abilities. I feel that I will get my chance, so I work to be mentally and physically ready at all times. I work out hard, I practice hard and I'm careful about my nutrition.

I hope to have a long career in professional football, so in the long run this time of being inactive won't matter too much.

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