Bear Report Audio: RB Kahlil Bell

In this exclusive audio feature at, listen to what Chicago Bears rookie running back Kahlil Bell had to say in the locker room at Halas Hall before practice Wednesday in Lake Forest.

John Crist: Everyone knows about the 72-yarder you ripped off on Sunday. Now that you've had a chance to watch that play on tape, why did it open up and why were you able to make that big play on your first NFL carry?

Kahlil Bell: Basically, it was just the offensive line. We kind of caught the defense. They were blitzing, and the offensive line pretty much washed everybody away and got on their man and covered everybody up. It just pretty much opened up. I didn't really have to shaky nobody near the line. I didn't have to break no tackles. It was just reading through my keys, and once I read my through keys and saw the crease, I just tried to explode upfield as fast as possible.

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