Bears to add two coaches

For the first time head coach <!--Default NodeId For Dick Jauron is 449099,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:449099]>Dick Jauron</A> admitted the <!--Default NodeId For Chicago is 115,2005--><A HREF=>Bears</A> are interviewing candidates to become the team's quarterbacks coach.

'Every year, John and I have talked about it, even the first year he was coordinator, and neither one of us decided it was the right time,'' Jauron said. ''What we've always said is nobody had any problem doing it as long as it's the right guy. After this season, we said this might be the time to do it. That was our reasoning."

The Bears are expected to select a quarterback the first day of the draft and a quarterback coach would help with development. The last time the team used a draft pick on a quarterback was Cade McNown. The Bears are obviously hoping for better results this time around and taking steps to ensure success.

''I wouldn't say that I'm gun-shy,'' Jauron said. ''I think the thing about the pick is you find the best guy and pick him. If it happens to be the quarterback, that's the guy you take. If it doesn't, then you've got to be strong enough not to take that guy and take the person you think is deserving of the No. 4 pick. Whoever it is, we'll be in full agreement on it. We won't be afraid to jump in and make the decision. Quarterback hasn't proven to be an exact science. There have been some really good ones and there's been some big busts, but that's true at every position. Statistically, maybe a little more true there.''

Rumored candidates for the position include Peter Vass, a former Notre Dame and Canadian Football League assistant, as well as Bears offensive quality control coach Charlie Coiner.

Vass is the head coach of Berlin, the NFL Europe club that Henry Burris will play for this season.

The team also expects to fill their defensive line opening in the coming week.

Richard Dent has interviewed for the opening left by Norris leaving the team. Chuck Bullough, the current assistant defensive line and special teams coach, remains the frontrunner.

The team could also need to find a new defensive coordinator. Greg Blache had a second interview with the San Francisco 49ers for their head coaching opening.

Jauron believes Blache is qualified, but has mixed feelings about his possible departure.

"We're all pulling for Greg, (but) you'd certainly hate to lose him," Jauron said.

Blache is excited about the chance to become a head coach, but he said either way he's excited about what's ahead.

"It's a win-win situation for me. If I don't get this job, you know what I have to do? I go back to Chicago, get my defense back healthy and go play football, which for me is a real plus and something I'm excited about doing. I come in here and as much as I like it, I can't lose. I'm just thrilled to be here right now, part of the process, seeing what happens and let it run its course. When the smoke clears, we'll see what happens and go on from there."

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