Postgame Chat: DT Marcus Harrison

The Chicago Bears gave up a 62-yard TD to Ryan Grant on Green Bay's initial play from scrimmage. Who was to blame? Marcus Harrison knows, and he was talking in the locker room after the game.

John Crist: A loss is a loss, but this was a loss at home to the Packers. Does this one sting just a little bit more because of the circumstances?

Marcus Harrison: It probably does just because we rallied and stuff like that. I know I made a big mistake with that first play of the game. We can't do that. So if you want to y'all can put it on me, but my teammates played their butts off. That definitely makes it hurt.

JC: When this defense gives up a big running play, it's usually because one of you is out of your gap. Is that what happened on the 62-yard touchdown run by Ryan Grant on the first play of the game?

AB: Yeah, and it started with me because I'm first level, but my coach went over that all week because that was one of their bread-and-butter plays. But like I said, I made a mistake on that.

JC: After a poor first quarter, you guys did a good job righting the ship in the second quarter and then taking the lead in the third quarter. What was the mood like in the locker room at halftime when you were trying to turn things around?

DT Marcus Harrison
Getty Images: Jonathan Daniel

AB: We just kept fighting. If you look at that play, without out that play it would probably be 14-14. Everybody here knew we were doing our job, but we just had to tighten down. And that's what it was during halftime. We made some adjustments, and we went with them. I felt we did pretty good.

There were a whole lot of flags today – offensively, defensively, pre-snap, during the play, after the play. Not that it had any effect on the final score, but did you think the officials were getting too liberal with the hankies?

AB: I don't know. You can't blame it on that. When it comes down to it, you've just got to focus in. And I didn't know what was going on with all the flags. I did recognize there was a lot of them, but you can't blame it on that.

JC: I know you're still a young guy, but how hard is it going to be heading to work Monday with a 5-8 record, as opposed to, say, 8-5?

AB: It's hard, but you're getting paid to do your job, so you've got to do it.

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