They Said It: Ravens Postgame

What were the Chicago Bears saying in the locker room after a 31-7 defeat to the Baltimore Ravens? Here are some of the comments made by the likes of Jay Cutler, Zack Bowman and Matt Forte.

Lovie Smith

On the disappointing play of his secondary:
"I don't think it is quite so simple, and I don't think I can tell you exactly why. We have been in position to make some plays. It's still a playmakers game. And when you have a situation to make a play, we need to. As far as why, there is a lot of reasons why. That's why you're an NFL player, paid to make plays."

QB Jay Cutler

On how he feels about the Bears building around him:
"I hope that's their plan, I really do. I hope they have the confidence in me for years to come. They know what we need, and I'm sure they'll get it for us. I really believe we're heading in the right direction."

WR Johnny Knox

On the Bears' recent offensive problems:
"It comes down to one thing: We need to do a better job with ball security."

CB Corey Graham

On how involved Ravens TE Todd Heap was in the game plan:
"I wouldn't say I was surprised by it. We had prepared for that. They did some really good things with their tight end, and he made some plays. When they got him involved on play action, I made a mistake and didn't stay with him. I needed to stay with my man on that."

CB Zack Bowman

On his interception in the fourth quarter:
"For me, I was fortunate I got an opportunity to make a play. When I caught it, I landed on the ball and had the wind knocked out of me. But I thought I might have a chance to make a big play, so I got up and returned it as far as I could. My thought was, At least we got one turnover in this game."

TE Greg Olsen

On what exactly went wrong in the second half:
"We obviously didn't play very well. It got away from us pretty quick in the second half. Right now, there's a lot of things I think we could do, but it's kind of hard to put your finger on one thing right now."

RB Matt Forte

On finishing with two games against division opponents:
"The rivalry games, and we haven't been playing good. Especially I haven't been playing good, and we have to play better."

WR Earl Bennett

On his punt-return touchdown in the second quarter:
"It was just the right return. Everybody got their blocks, and I just tried to get to the wall and just make something happen. I was trying to get into the [end] zone. I saw the opportunity, and I saw two defenders, so I said ‘I'll go ahead and dive in for the next few yards and get in the end zone.'"

DT Tommie Harris

On the Ravens being so effective in the passing game:
"They pretty much ran two-man routes. so [Joe Flacco] didn't hold the ball long at all. They're known for running and running play action, different things. They did well."

S Kevin Payne

On the Ravens' scoring a touchdown on their first drive:
"It was good for them and bad for us. That's a big momentum swing for them. They came out and got a touchdown on the first drive. I'm pretty sure that boosted their confidence and helped their momentum out. For us, it's just something we can't let happen. We have to eliminate those things."

DE Alex Brown

On the state of the team with two games left:
"We've got Minnesota coming up, and if we don't play better, we're going to get embarrassed [in front of] a lot of people Monday night. So that's the reality of this season, I guess. I think we go out and we know what to do, and we're trying to do it. But we're not playing with confidence. I mean, it doesn't work. It just doesn't work. We don't tackle. When you play a good team, they kill us. If you go over the season, whenever we played a good team, a team that is in the playoff run or a division leader or something, we've gotten smoked. And we're just not very good."

LB Hunter Hillenmeyer

On the play of Ravens RB Ray Rice:
"He's a great player. I thought I had him in my sights on an open-field tackle near the end of the first half, and he put a little shake on me and there's not many players in the league that have that elusiveness. He's a very talented player. He's the kind of guy that if you ask someone to rattle off the top running backs in the league, his name probably wouldn't come up. But I think he should, because he can beat you in a lot of different ways. He's very central to their offense in terms of a lot of the stuff goes through him. I think he's the leading pass catcher on top of being, obviously, the leading rusher. He's a very talented player. I think he's got a lot of good years of football ahead of him."

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