They Said It: Vikings Postgame

What were the Chicago Bears saying in the locker room after a 36-30 win over the Minnesota Vikings? Here are some of the comments made by the likes of Alex Brown, Lance Briggs and Jay Cutler.

Lovie Smith

On how the team played Monday compared to the rest of the year:
"You can't live in the past. It's been documented how the season has gone – not the way we envisioned it. When you get to this point, all you can do is play your best ball with the few opportunities you have left. This was one of the opportunities, when the playoff hopes are over. But you still see guys giving their best effort. It's encouraging to see what we will be in the future."

DE Alex Brown

On finally getting off to a good start in the first half:
"I think for the first game all year we actually played pretty well in the first half. The first couple of drives, we were getting three-and-outs and got a turnover. They came out and picked up the tempo in the second half. We had to match it. Our offense played great."

WR Earl Bennett

On his touchdown catch in the fourth quarter:
"The call was a simple post route. We got the coverage we wanted. They went one-high (safety), and Jay [Cutler] just threw a great ball that only I was able to get."

LB Lance Briggs

On the excitement of a big win:
"This is the kind of finish we wanted all season long, and finally we got it. It's a positive. These are the things – crowd is excited on the big catch, we're excited, everyone's running on the field. That's the kind of feeling you want to have."

LB Hunter Hillenmeyer

On his forced fumble in overtime that led to the win:
"It was a great win. The truth is, it shouldn't have had to go into overtime. I especially felt terrible. I had two [potential] picks in the final drive. Those are plays that we always feel like we should make. It does feel great to have a win. It feels great to kind of redeem myself from where I could have ended the game earlier. We did a lot of good things today."

WR Devin Aromashodu

On his game-winning touchdown catch in overtime:
"It was a run play. It was designed to be a run play, but we checked to a go. Basically, if we saw everyone come down, we weren't going to run the ball into a blitz. So we checked to a double-go for both receivers, and [Cutler] just made a great throw."

QB Jay Cutler

On a big win after such a trying stretch of the season:
"Through all the roller coasters and tough breaks, it's good for the team. It's good for the morale to answer the bell, especially in the fourth quarter and overtime."

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