Rumor mill

There are reports that the <!--Default NodeId For Chicago is 115,2005--><A HREF=>Bears</A> have offered <!--Default NodeId For Purdue is 414,2005--><A HREF=>Purdue</A> assistant Greg Olson the chance to be the quarterback coach.

Olson's past projects are impressive as he's worked with Drew Brees at Purdue and spent a year coaching Jeff Garcia as the quarterbacks coach with the San Francisco 49ers.

The addition of a quarterback coach would free up offensive coordinator John Shoop to focus more on play calling.

Chances are the Bears will add at least one free agent QB and draft another, so an intermediate between Shoop and the group of quarterbacks would ease the transition into the team's offensive system.

"The other is not knowing really what our team's going to look like going into camp on new quarterbacks, so it's always good to have another hand on board, particularly at that position," Angelo said. " I think when you look around the league, most teams do this. I think history favors a quarterback coach, particularly when you're developing young players or getting young guys that have to play probably before they're ready or bringing in veterans who have to learn a new system. So I don't think there's any real downside. I know Dick's (Jauron) very comfortable with it, and speaking for John (Shoop), he is as well."

The official announcement could come as soon as Friday, but with the scouting combine starting Wednesday the Bears hope to have someone in place by the start of next week at latest.

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