Question of durability

Bears GM Jerry Angelo has tried to take the diplomatic approach in looking for a replacement for <!--Default NodeId For Jim Miller is 292233,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292233]>Jim Miller</A>, but it doesn't change the fact that he plans to find a starting quarterback in free agency.

When asked directly if he'll sign a quarterback Angelo was blunt.

"We need one," he said. "I could tell you that. Not to be disrespectful to the ones we have, but they just haven't been durable. And that's a big part of the position, obviously. So we just have to wait until the free agency period starts and see what our positions are. We've done our homework on quite a few of them. We're looking at the draft. Between both of the (talent) pools, hopefully we can come out with something."

Angelo spoke glowingly of one free-agent-to-be, Tampa Bay's Shaun King. While with the Buccaneers, Angelo drafted King in 1999.

"He's got some good genetic gifts and he's a good kid, and I think the experience he's picked up down there will bode well, assuming he has a next stop and he doesn't go back to Tampa," Angelo said.

A hidden gem?

"Hopefully, he's a gem and not a rock," Angelo said. "But the thing about it is history tells you that you see guys who have been in those situations go off and do well."

There is doubt whether King would be a marketable improvement over Miller, but the team is trying to upgrade the position. If King were signed then selecting a quarterback on day one of the draft would still be a top priority.

However, in the unlikely scenario of the team signing a high priced free agent QB such as Jake Plummer then adding a quarterback in the draft is less important.

"But yes it does, they all do interrelate," Angelo said about the quality of free agent that is brought in would dictate the round one is selected. "And money comes into it too, obviously. It's a mixed bag."

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