The Aftermath

The Bears took a chance by releasing <!--Default NodeId For Jim Miller is 292233,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292233]>Jim Miller</A> before they found a replacement, but the team must have a good idea of they want and can get to take such a risk.

Obviously, there is no way the Bears can go to training camp with Chris Chandler as their starting quarterback, so who will be behind center come 2003?

At this point, Kordell Stewart and Jake Plummer are atop the Bears wish list. However, that doesn't mean either will play in Chicago.

There are rumors that Plummer is leaning toward playing in Denver. Leaving Stewart as the top free agent along with other cap casualties yet to be determined.

The team will not wait to see who else is cut.

"We're going to be very motivated, as I said before, to try to find a starter in free agency," said Bears GM Jerry Angelo.

Angelo said the team plans on brining Chandler to camp and depending on the level of free agent the team brings in would determine his role.

"He'll be in the equation, just depending on what course we decide to take or what course we have to take," Angelo said. "If it's player A, then he will be the guy. If its player B, it might be more of an open competition."

A second tier QB that Angelo is definitely interested in Shaun King, who he had a hand in drafting in Tampa.

"He's got some good genetic gifts and he's a good kid, and I think the experience he's picked up down there will bode well, assuming he has a next stop and he doesn't go back to Tampa," Angelo said.

There is a chance that cutting a player like Miller, who played hurt for the majority of the year because the team needed him, could have a negative backlash in locker room.

"By doing this now, it serves our best interest and we feel Jim's as well," Angelo said. "But it was our interest that we were thinking of mostly.

"Our younger players will have to step up, yes, there will be a void initially. As time moves on we're confident that other players, other veteran players will fill that role."

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