The waiting game

The usual cliches are coming out of Bears camp about getting the "best available player" or "getting an impact player", but depending on the position the Bears target with the fourth pick in the first round the sayings ring true.

Head coach Dick Jauron broke down the chances of each position coming in and having an immediate impact on their team.

"I always say a pass rush specialist, a running back, possibly a wide receiver, but they have a lot to learn also, maybe a defensive back," Jauron said. "Very seldom do you draft an offensive lineman that doesn't have a learning curve. A lot of them play early and play well, but they also get burned. Defensive tackles, a lot to learn there. They can play early you know you can play them in a rotation, but there is a learning curve for them. Linebackers there's a good deal to learn, once again they can play early. But, quarterback is a position that I think historically if they play early the odds are they don't do very well, but sometimes you're forced to play them."

The first area of out of Jauron's mouth was a pass rusher. Meaning, of the players the Bears are considering Terrell Suggs is atop the list of players that could have an "impact" and he's at a "need" position.

"We won't rule anything out," said GM Jerry Angelo. "Obviously, we want to get the best players hopefully they parallel the needs of our football team."

Although, Suggs didn't workout at the combine Angelo said what he's seen of Suggs is impressive.

"He's got that little knack that all the special ones have when they have to make that little move or do that little something to free themselves, but a very good player," Angelo said. "Obviously, he set the sack record (of 24 sacks). He beat (Dwight) Freeney's record of a year ago and I didn't think that was going to happen in the near future, but it happened the following year."

Freeney is a player the Bears were considering selecting last year with the 29th selection before his draft stock rose and the Colts took him 11th overall. He finished with 13 sacks in his rookie campaign.

Suggs could be a better version of Freeney, but only time will tell.

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