Minicamp Q&A: CB Joshua Moore

The Chicago Bears added a new cornerback to the mix, selecting Joshua Moore from Kansas State in Round 5 of the NFL Draft. Moore chatted with Bear Report after Friday's rookie minicamp practice.

John Crist: You arrived in Chicago yesterday, had meetings at Halas Hall last night and today you're already out on the field. Are you guys lost out there a bit because it's all happening so fast, or is football just football at this point?

Joshua Moore: I think most of the guys were a little disappointed in how the first day went. We were a little rusty out there and a little nervous, and the wind was tough on everybody. But it's mostly about working hard and learning what they want us to do out here. We'll be alright.

JC: It's been a week or so between you hearing your name called in the NFL Draft and your first practice as a member of the Bears. How are your feelings different now compared to six or seven days ago?

JM: It took a little while for it to sink in. I grew up a Bears fan when I was a kid, used to dream about playing for them. That was pretty crazy. But I'm ready to go now. I'm just excited to put that helmet on and show the coaches and the fans what I can do.

JC: The Bears have been primarily a zone team for quite some time, yet all the scouting reports on you say your strength is man-to-man coverage. Why did the coaches say they wanted you here in Chicago?

CB Joshua Moore
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JM: They said they like the way I cover man to man, but I can play zone, too. But at K-State, I was on an island out there a lot and had to take on the best receiver on the other team a lot. I like that. I'm confident that I can shut anybody down. But I'm not just a man-to-man guy. I like to help out with the run, too. It'll be a while, though, before I can do that.

JC: I talked to your former defensive coordinator at Kansas State, coach Chris Cosh, earlier this week. He says you're also a great gunner on special teams. So what's the key to being a gunner?

JM: It's all about effort. Technique helps a bit, knowing how to set a guy up and get by him, but it's mostly about going all-out effort-wise and doing whatever you can to get past your man and get the return man down.

JC: If there a particular player on the Bears you're looking forward to meeting? Do you have any idea what that first conversation is going to be like?

JM: I'd say Brian Urlacher. He's a guy I've always looked up to and like to watch play. What are we gonna talk about? I don't know. I'm sure it'll just be nice-to-meet-you stuff before we get to work.

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