Minicamp Q&A: S Major Wright

The Chicago Bears need help at the safety position, and the thought is that Major Wright can step in and be a starter quickly. Wright talked with Bear Report after Saturday's rookie minicamp practice.

John Crist: How hard was it get noticed on a defense at Florida featuring the likes of Carlos Dunlap, Jermaine Cunningham and Joe Haden?

Major Wright: Well, you know what? It's not a hard thing. It's you just staying focused and playing within the defense, not trying to go out and do too much. That's when you hurt yourself, going out and trying to make plays that you're really not supposed to be making.

JC: You played a lot of Cover 1 in college, lining up 20-25 yards off the ball and just making sure nobody gets behind you. How does the playbook look so far here in Chicago, and is the coaching staff asking you to do anything you haven't done before?

MW: In practice, we definitely had different defenses. But game time, we came down with our decision on what was best for the team. I'm used to playing Cover 2, and sometimes I'm down on the No. 2 receiver, down in the slot, stuff like that.

JC: The Bears have had a lot of turnover at both safety positions during coach Lovie Smith's regime – 40, as a matter of a fact. Why is it hard on a defense to have turnover at safety, as opposed to tackle or linebacker?

S Major Wright
AP Images: Nam Y. Huh

MW: That D-line is definitely getting a great rush. That gets the quarterback getting the ball out quick enough, and the defense in coverage can just make plays.

JC: If you're going to be effective as a rookie, then you have to contribute on special teams. What's your favorite phase on special teams to play?

MW: Right now, I don't have any phase that I'm married to. But at the University of Florida, the punt team was my favorite special team.

JC: You said Friday that you felt like a freshman at UF all over again, but you started as a freshman in Gainesville. What did you do back then to get on the field right away, and can you do the same things here in Chicago?

MW: Like you said, it's special teams. If I go out and show everybody that I can play special teams, I'll earn my way on defense.

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