Minicamp Q&A: OT Frank Omiyale

Although he played much better at guard down the stretch last year, Frank Omiyale is now going to be over at right tackle for the Chicago Bears. Omiyale talked with JC after Sunday's minicamp workout.

John Crist: Alright, just admit it, you were never crazy about playing guard last season and you're happy as happy can be moving back to tackle.

Frank Omiyale: No, it was a good learning experience. It gave me a chance to just get on the field and learn now to play some real football, so I don't regret it or anything. I'm glad. If that was my job again this year, I would just be working to get even better.

JC: Everyone knew it would be a transition for you last year moving inside from tackle to guard. But now that you're kicking back outside from guard to tackle, will there be transition time again, or is it like you never left?

FO: It's getting there. Every day this minicamp, it's been a lot better. [Offensive line] coach [Mike] Tice is a real good coach, getting me coached up and getting me more comfortable at what I'm doing. It's slowly coming back. I'm starting to feel it again, so I'm excited about this year.

JC: When Julius Peppers signed with the Bears in March, he talked about the expectations and never playing in a market like Chicago before. You played with Peppers in Carolina and had a similar experience last year. Was there any way to truly prepare for something like that?

OT Frank Omiyale
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FO: I don't know if I knew what it was going to be like, but the expectations were there. I love the team loyalty here because it really makes you put everything out to fight for your brothers.

JC: So much has been made about Mike Martz and what his system is going to be like for the skill-position players. But as far as your blocking assignments, what has it been like to this point?

FO: It's another level. Not to say last year wasn't a good program, but it's another level and we all have to hit the books to make sure we know what we're doing out there.

JC: The offensive line took a lot of heat last year, and you in particular at times. Now that you're more removed from 2009 and can look back at it with a clear head, do you think it was fair to get the kind of criticism you did?

FO: I don't look at it as fair or wrong. What happened happened, you know what I'm saying? I can't take care of a thing like that. I just try to learn from it. I know what to expect. I know what my job is this year. My goal is just to go out and do my job. That's all I care about.

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