OTAs Q&A: RB Chester Taylor

Looking to inject life into a dormant ground game, the Chicago Bears signed Chester Taylor to be the primary backup to starter Matt Forte. Taylor talked with JC after OTAs Wednesday at Halas Hall.

John Crist: Everybody is talking about Mike Martz's offensive scheme and how complicated it's going to be for the wide receivers, but what about the running backs? What's it like so far in terms of your responsibilities as a runner, receiver and blocker?

Chester Taylor: I believe every position is important in this type of offense, because we've got to learn what to do. We can't have 10 people doing something right and one person messing it up, so our role is just as important because we have formations, we have to move around and shifts. So we've just got to study and just get better every time we come out here.

JC: You were the primary ball carrier for the Vikings in 2006 and did very well, but aside from that you've been a complementary guy throughout your career. Did you feel any differently during or after that season because you were taking more of a pounding than usual?

CT: Of course you're going to feel a difference if you take more carries, but I felt fresh. I tried to go out every game and try to do what I can for the team to help us win, no matter how many carries I had. But I'm going to try to do the same thing here, as well.

JC: Matt Forte has said all the right things publicly so far and welcomed you with open arms. What's it like between you two on the practice field? Do you communicate a lot and try to learn together, or do you simply go about your business and do your own thing?

RB Chester Taylor
AP Images: Nam Y. Huh

CT: We're teammates. We're out for the same things, and that's win ballgames and get a ring. So we help each other out any time we can. It's no grudges. We know what we've got to do to compete and go out here and play, so we're good teammates right now.

JC: You played with Brett Favre last year, and some fans love to compare Jay Cutler to him. But is that a lazy comparison simply because they're gunslinger types and have big arms, or do you really see similarities?

CT: I see similarities. Me just seeing him last year, [Cutler] is just as tough as Favre. Back when Favre was in his prime, he took hits and ran the ball like Cutler does. So Cutler, he's willing to get that extra yard, so he doesn't mind taking that hit and trying to drill the ball in a spot where you know it's hard to get in, but he makes the right throws and makes the right reads. They're kind of similar.

JC: Some Chicago fans still give Bernard Berrian a hard time for going to a division rival when he signed with Minnesota, so what kind of reaction are you expecting to get the first time you play in the Metrodome as a Bear?

CT: I don't know. I'll find out when I get there.

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