BR Rookie Diary: LeFevour, 1st Entry

In this entry for the 2010 Bear Report Rookie Diary, Dan LeFevour writes about getting to suit up for his hometown team, making the move from the shotgun to under center and playing in the ice and snow.

It's great to be here at Halas Hall. Going through the draft process was long and stressful, but I always felt it would turn out well in the end. When that call came from the Bears on draft weekend, I knew right away that I would be playing where I was meant to be.

ESPN had a camera at my home, so when the choice was announced, it was on live TV. My friends have kidded me ever since then because you could see all my Bears memorabilia in the background. It was as if I never even considered playing for any other team.

Rookie minicamp and the OTAs have been a lot of work, but also they've provided a wonderful learning experience. I haven't lined up yet during practice, but I am always watching intently from the sidelines. Those are my mental reps. I've found that what I'm able to pick up just by watching is almost as good as being out there on the field.

Once practice is over, I stay out on the field with some of the rookie receivers and quarterbacks coach Shane Day. We spend about half an hour going over everything we've seen the vets do. It's important to go over things repeatedly so we can begin to coordinate our timing.

I'm really impressed with the quality of the receivers I've seen so far. These are very talented players. What we're working on right now is our communication. It can take a while to get to the point where you and your receivers are on the same page mentally. That is so important if you want to get successful routes going. You need to be able to anticipate each other's moves in order to end up with a productive level of play.

So far, I haven't found the transition from college to the pros to be a tremendous shock. The big hurdle, at least for me at this point, is learning the scheme. I see similarities and differences between what I was accustomed to at Central Michigan and the overall approach here with the Bears.

QB Dan LeFevour
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I'm spending just as much time as I can learning the playbook, attending meetings and talking to the coaches and the veteran players. I realize that to be successful, I'll need to put in maximum effort to bring myself up to speed mentally.

I've been asked about the difference in the quarterback position between Central Michigan and here. I was accustomed to the shotgun primarily, so now I am adjusting my game to be under center. The mechanics are different, and so is the timing. It's just a matter of getting the right number of reps until I feel comfortable. This is something I've worked on independently since our college season was complete. I've put in a lot of time on this already, and I think I came to the pros with a good start on the overall learning curve.

Another question was whether or not I felt the transition from college to the Bears would be easier since I grew up in the Chicago area. No, not really. It's more the game you are adjusting to, not the geographical region. As far as having an advantage over guys who have only played in warm climates, I just don't see how that would make much of a difference. Cold is cold. I've never liked it, but I've learned how to cope with it. Just because I'm used to winter here doesn't mean that I think it's fun to play in ice and snow.

We have two more weeks of OTAs, then a short break. After that, it's on to training camp. That's when I really hope to be accelerating things in terms of my learning process. It'll be a long period of concentrated meeting and practice time, which should be beneficial.

I'm new to the system and I realize I'm a long way from contributing to this team right now, but by the end of camp, I hope to have raised my skill level enough to be an integral part of the offensive system.

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