Griese not coming to Chicago, yet

The Bears were hoping to bring <!--Default NodeId For Brian Griese is 268833,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:268833]>Brian Griese</A> in for a physical and preliminary contract talks sometime this week, but the NFL will not allow the quarterback to visit with the team despite the fact that he'll be released June 1st.

Griese's agent, Ralph Cindrich, had planned to bring him to Chicago in hopes of getting a deal done. Although, Denver is not opposed to the idea the league ruled a player under contract is not permitted to visit with another club until a trade is agreed upon and filed with the NFL.

The fact that the Bears are interested in talking to Griese shows that talks with Kordell Stewart aren't progressing. The Bears extended Stewart an offer believed to be in the $3 million range, which is similar to the money the Arizona Cardinals are offering.

However, the quarterback believes he's worth closer to what Jake Plummer signed for, which is $40 million over seven years. There is no way the Bears will give Stewart that kind of money, so if he doesn't reevaluate his worth he won't be in Chicago. The Bears would then turn to Jeff Blake, who will come much cheaper, as their next option. Then selecting a quarterback in the second round of the draft.

There have been conflicting reports about the Bears reaction to the deal the placekicker signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Although, some have said the Bears were surprised at the money the Vikings threw at Edinger the five-year deal worth $7 million is similar to what John Hall signed with the Washington Redskins.

There is little doubt that Bears GM Jerry Angelo, who hasn't been the biggest Edinger fan, will match the offer for one of the league's most accurate kickers.

The Bears have until Saturday to make a decision.

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