Camp Q&A: CB Zack Bowman

Now presumed to be the No. 1 corner on the team, Zack Bowman has supplanted Charles Tillman on the left side of the formation. Bowman talked with JC after practice Friday in Bourbonnais.

John Crist: You've been moved from the right side to the left side this season. Common wisdom says the left corner is the No. 1 corner, as most quarterbacks are right-handed and can deliver the football to the defense's left easier. Does it work that way in live-bullet situations?

Zack Bowman: It doesn't really work that way. Teams, they're going to watch their film, and obviously it doesn't matter what side they go to. There were teams last year that attacked the right side more than they attacked the left side. It's just how the offense is built.

JC: Coach Lovie Smith told the media Thursday that you're more comfortable lining up on the left side. Why is that?

ZB: I don't know. I'm left-handed. I couldn't really too much tell you. It doesn't matter what side I play. It's the same for [Charles Tillman]. He can play either or, I can play either or – that's what you have to do in the National Football League.

JC: Tillman has been the left corner in Chicago for quite some time. Did the two of you need to sit down and have a conversation about the switch?

CB Zack Bowman
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ZB: Yeah, we talked about it. There's nothing set in stone. Anything could change. If the coaches want to go match up, we'll match up, and depending on what side our receiver's on, it's going to be the side that you're going to have to play. So it doesn't really matter to us, just as long as we go out there and get the job done.

JC: Not to bring up a bad memory, but you had a rough first half against Lions receiver Calvin Johnson last season in Week 4. Have you watched that film again, and what did you learn when being forced to cover a wideout that is simply bigger, stronger and faster than you?

ZB: Yeah, I've watched the film from the first [Lions] game, and I've seen from the first game to the second game I played a lot better. I was just more confident. I played against more teams. That was, what, [Week] 17 [the second time we played them]? So I felt more confident, I knew what I was doing out there and just went out there and played ball.

JC: Smith is really emphasizing takeaways this year. Is there such a thing as being too aggressive going for the ball as a corner?

ZB: No, there's not. When you have an opportunity to get the ball, go get it. Just be smart about it. You can't jump everything, and you've just got to put yourself in the position to make the play.

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