BR Rookie Diary: Wright, 2nd Entry

In this entry for the 2010 Bear Report Rookie Diary, Major Wright writes getting back in pads, catching up on sleep and the opportunity to meet some fans at training camp in Bourbonnais.

It's great to be here and to have camp finally beginning.

Saturday was our first time in pads, but surprisingly enough, that didn't make a huge difference in the intensity of the hits. I think, at this point in the process, all of us are being relatively careful to be sure none of our teammates get hurt. As the intensity picks up and the weeks of camp go by, that might change. Personally, it felt strange to me to have the pads back on. I haven't done that since last January.

I've been asked what I think about my chances for getting playing time with the team. Overall, I'd say I'm optimistic. I understand that there is tremendous competition for position, particularly at safety. That is exactly what I expected when I joined the Bears last spring. I feel I'm up to the challenge. At this point, I think it's a matter of learning as much as I can as quickly as I can.

I spent my recent free time training in Ft. Lauderdale so I'd be well prepared physically and mentally before camp began. I sat down with some coaches there to learn all about playing defense at this level – play by play, role by role.

I think there is definitely pressure on the defense to produce this year. This group is strong, and we should get the results we're hoping for. It's a matter of communicating, perfecting our technique and coordinating our timing.

I want to get the chance to go out there and do my best for this team. Primarily, I see myself contributing on special teams. What I think I bring to that part of the game is speed and a good sense of where a play is going. I'm very competitive, and I definitely have the desire to succeed.

With Chris Harris going down Saturday morning, I think there is a chance that I'll be getting more reps. It's a good opportunity to contribute to the team. What I need to do from here on is to show the coaches that I can handle the pressure and that I am ready to get the job done.

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I can't express enough how helpful the veterans have been. It's been amazing, really. I feel they've taken me under their wings and shown me the ropes. When I have something I need help working out, a vet will always step in and explain things to me. That helps me relax and makes my level of play better.

That doesn't mean that things have been easy. Not at all. Things are expected of rookies. In fact, if you were at practice Saturday night, you would have noticed that I had quite a load of equipment to carry off the field. Most of it belonged to Craig Steltz. But that's fine with me. It's part of the learning process and part of our introduction to the league.

My typical day in camp is pretty scheduled out. We're busy from early morning until late night. I'm working on learning the playbook during any spare time I might have. I can see that taking the time to get enough rest is important, so I try to schedule in some good sleep as well.

We spend pretty much all of our day either in meetings or on the field. The difficult thing is to find balance. It's important to conserve your body by resting as much as possible. But there is also the need to learn things in the classrooms and on the field. But so far, I feel comfortable and hope to continue feeling that way.

From here on, the focus will be on perfecting moves, learning schemes and pointing toward the first preseason game. It will take quite a lot of effort, but the process should be enjoyable, too.

It's been fun meeting some of the fans that have made the trip to Bourbonnais to watch practice. I'm sure we'll see quite a few of them next weekend during our first run-through at Soldier Field. I'll look forward to that.

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