Camp Q&A: FB Will Ta'ufo'ou

With veteran Jason McKie no longer a member of the Chicago Bears, Will Ta'ufo'ou looks to be atop the depth chart at fullback. Ta'ufo'ou chatted with JC before practice Sunday in Bourbonnais.

John Crist: You spent the majority of this past season on the practice squad. How do you measure your progress as a football player without the opportunity to go against an opponent every week?

Will Ta'ufo'ou: That's one of the major reasons why we practice, is to work on our technique, the fundamentals of striking and running your feet. And I think preseason is a great time to measure where you are and kind of evaluate and then improve on from there.

JC: For the first time in a while, Jason McKie is not a member of this team. What were able to learn from him during the time you two spent together in Chicago last year?

WT: He's been around a long time, so I was able to pick up little things. Just watching film and how he gets his foot down and his courses and just how he gets his low pads and everything, but just more about taking care of myself on and off the field.

JC: Everyone is talking about Mike Martz and this high-flying passing attack he's going to feature, so how much of a need is there for a classic lead-blocking fullback like yourself in this offense?

FB Will Ta'ufo'ou
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WT: We still have goal line, we still have short yardage, so I'm going to take my plays where they come. It's kind of early to tell. We won't be able to know until we play some games to see where he goes with it.

JC: Ron Turner seemed to use more of a conventional approach to running the football. Martz, on the other hand, appears to employ more of a finesse style to the ground game. Is that a fair assessment based on what you have seen so far?

WT: I wouldn't say we're finesse. I think it's still a downhill running system. Definitely, we're going to round and pound, but I don't think it's finesse at all.

JC: It has been quite some time since you played an actual game, going all the way back to the preseason a year ago. How excited are you for the preseason opener Saturday in San Diego?

WT: I'm going to be excited back in California. That's where I'm from, just getting a chance to play in front of some family and get back on the field and be in the uniform again.

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