Bourbonnais Q&A: K Robbie Gould

Already the fourth-leading scorer in Chicago Bears history, Robbie Gould just may be the most reliable player on the entire roster. Gould chatted with Bear Report after practice Tuesday in Bourbonnais.

Marco Scola: How excited are you about the upcoming season, as we're only a couple of weeks away now?

Robbie Gould: The real fire starts on Saturday night when we start the preseason, but we're pretty excited about it. We have a great football team. We're looking forward to the season. We have a lot of talent out there. We just have to put it all together.

MS: What have you been doing during the offseason? Because you don't really hear about what kickers do to prepare for the season, so I'm curious to hear what you do.

RG: I do a lot of lifting, a little bit of kicking. Just a lot of preparation that you need to do in order to stay healthy.

MS: I hear you're a big golfer, too. What's your handicap these days?

K Robbie Gould
Nam Y. Huh/AP

RG: Probably about a 3 or 2. But if I'm playing [long snapper Patrick] Mannelly or [punter Brad] Maynard, I'm taking three strokes.

MS: Now, does golf relate at all to the kicking game? Is there anything you can draw off of your golf swing that you incorporate into your kicking?

RG: There's a lot you can draw from it. Swing patterns are virtually the same as kicking patterns. The motion is about the same.

MS: You've been with this team for quite a while now, so you've seen the changes over the years. How would you rate the special-teams unit this year compared to years past?

RG: Well, we've got a lot of veterans coming back. We have a couple of good rookies that are going to fill in some holes for us from guys that we lost in the offseason. But I think we're going to be pretty good. It's going to be fun to watch.

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