Camp Q&A: DT Anthony Adams

One of the more underrated Chicago Bears on the roster, Anthony Adams is set for another preseason opener Saturday in San Diego. Adams chatted with JC after practice Thursday in Bourbonnais.

John Crist: Saturday night in San Diego, the preseason opens up and you finally get to go up against another team. Since you've been in the league a while now, what's that first hit of a new season like? Is it like riding a bike, or do you still have to get used to it all over again?

Anthony Adams: I don't know. I don't know how to describe it, man. I know it's a good feeling to hit somebody else. And just running around the field in front of a lot of people, around 10 other guys that you're ready to go to battle with, it's a lot of fun.

JC: I know you're not going to be doing any game-planning for the Chargers as a defense. But you personally, have you thought about some of the matchups that you're going to have, the kinds of plays you'll be looking for or how you're going to attack their offense?

AA: I'm just going to try to read my keys and not expect too much, but just play my game and play within the scheme of the defense.

JC: Most every professional athlete is a creature of habit. The night before a game, what are the little things you do to make sure you're prepared and ready to play the next day?

DT Anthony Adams
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AA: I just talk to my wife, talk to my mom and try to keep everything normal. I talk to my little son and hear my daughter say "ga ga goo goo," and I'm good.

JC: What about on game day? Aside from your notorious sweet tooth, what special regimen do you put together so you're in the right frame of mind when you step on the field?

AA: Just make sure I stretch real good and shower up and get loose and stuff like that. But that's basically it, man. I'm a simple guy, man.

JC: It's only a preseason game. In the grand scheme of things, the result doesn't matter. So when the final gun sounds and you're heading back to the locker room, how important is it to you what the scoreboard reads after 60 minutes?

AA: I just want to win, no matter what. Preseason, regular season, postseason, Super Bowl – I just want to win.

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