Halas Hall Q&A: QB Todd Collins

The Chicago Bears said a lot about the state of the quarterback position Monday, signing veteran Todd Collins to compete for a backup role. Collins talked with JC after practice Tuesday at Halas Hall.

John Crist: When you turned the Bears down a week ago, did you expect you might get a second phone call, or did you figure that would be the extent of your dialogue with Chicago?

Todd Collins: I really didn't know. I wouldn't have been surprised if that was it, because I know they asked Trent Green before, and he said no and that was it.

JC: You and Caleb Hanie both know that you're here essentially competing for the same job. How do you get past the awkwardness that must come along with a situation like that?

TC: I don't know. It's kind of like the business we're in, and I know they think real highly of Caleb. I've been in the same situation before and somebody else comes in. You can't blame the guy. He's coming in and just looking for an opportunity, as well. Overwhelmingly in the past, it seems like you just all work together, even though guys might be working for your job or vice versa. And that's kind of the way Caleb has been with me. He's just helping me. I think I've done the same thing, and I've been in the same position other places.

JC: You've been around the league and played in a bunch of different systems. How would you like to be Dan LeFevour right now, playing in the kind of offense he did in college but now being asked to learn Mike Martz's offense his first year in the NFL?

QB Todd Collins
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TC: I think this is probably the most difficult offense to learn as a quarterback, just because there's so much volume. I guess Dan ran the spread in college. For him to have to adjust to taking drops now and being under center, and so this is very demanding in terms of volume and what the coaches expect of you. So I think considering all that, from what I see, he's done a pretty good job of it. He's got a pretty good handle on things.

JC: If you do get into Saturday's game against the Cardinals, is it natural that you'll have to run some scaled-down version of the offense since you have only been here a day or two?

TC: I would think so. I'll have to talk to Coach Martz about that, but there is some stuff I'm more comfortable with than others. And if that happens, I can run some of that stuff I have a higher comfort level with.

JC: If you didn't get that second call from the Bears and finally come to an agreement, were you prepared for your football career to potentially be over?

TC: I thought I could still play, and I was committed to playing this year, but I've played for a long time. So if it didn't happen, what can you do? If you want to play, the feeling has to be mutual and you can't manufacture interest. So if they hadn't called back, if I didn't get any other calls, then I would have had no other choice. But you never know. The next couple of weeks can be kind of fluid as well in terms of people making moves. I'm glad. This is a good fit for me, I thought, because having some experience in this offense, although it's not exactly the same, and being able to come here and play for the Bears.

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