Greg Little excited to be part of Raiders

The Raiders chose not to address the wide receiver position in the draft but did add some wide receiver help with the acquisition of veteran Greg Little.

Little, a former second-round draft pick for the Cleveland Browns in 2011, was snatched up by the Raiders off of waivers quickly after the Browns released him in May.

Despite it being his first time released from an NFL team, Little knew he would be grabbed by a new team quickly and is grateful the Raiders have given him an opportunity to display his talents.

"I mean, I’m confident in the talents that I have to play this game and I knew I was going to get a chance to prove that to another team," Little said over the phone. "It was just a matter of hours essentially, except it was days because it was the weekend but I knew I was going to get another chance to play the game. Just to come in to a historic program such as the Raiders, it was an opportunity and I knew I was going to have to come in and prove myself and get a chance to play."

Little, listed at 6-foot-2 220 pounds, believes he can bring big-play capabilities to an offense that has been seeking a playmaker wide receiver.

"I just think that I have the ability to extend the play when the ball is in my hands - to make defenders miss. With the ability to go downfield as well," Little said.

Little displayed his potential in his rookie year when he finished with 61 receptions for 709 yards and two touchdowns in 2011. The 61 receptions was second amongst rookies that year, only behind Cincinnati Bengal's wide receiver A.J. Green.

In all, Little has averaged 55 receptions, 607 receiving yards per year and a total of eight touchdowns in his three years in the NFL.

Despite being on the team under a month, Little has already seen the fervor that Raiders head coach Dennis Allen and his staff exhibit.

"I think they’re guys that are passionate about the game - passionate about getting back to winning," Little said of his new coach and staff. "They’re very vocal and I think that’s the number one thing. You make your goals very understood and your direction understood and that will trickle down to the players and the players will take that in how they go about their daily routine."

Like many of the players have already done, Little didn't hesitate to express his confidence in the team turning around the Raiders' recent struggles.

"I just feel that with the overall enthusiasm, overall focus that our team has right now that the sky is the ultimate limit. I think, with the guys they added here in the offseason with Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley and Matt Schaub and (Maurice) Jones-Drew and myself, along with the guys that are already here, they’re hungry. They’re hungry to show that they can still play and they’re hungry to get this organization back to a winning mentality."

While Little is excited for every game this upcoming season, there's no doubt that the Raiders week eight matchup with his former team adds a little extra motivation for the 25-year-old wide receiver.

"I think with any situation like this that you’re kind of eager to get back at the team that essentially said 'you’re not good enough to play the game,'” Little said. "I’m very eager, as well as other games, to show that I can play this game at a high level. But it does have more meaning, that one."

Little knows that the team still has critics out there but isn't worried about what they have to say while the team focuses on bettering themselves.

"Right now it’s early. A lot of people are saying ‘this is still the same old Raiders, they can’t put it together.’ We’re not really concerned with what is being said about us, we know we have to go out and do to prepare with the days of preparation that we have. Whatever is being said about us, we’ll let them say it now. But as the season goes on, we’ll like to see what a lot of people have to say then."

Having played at O.Co Coliseum twice as a member of the Browns, Little is excited to hear Raider Nation when donning the Silver & Black while the team returns to its winning ways.

Little knows firsthand the energy that Raider Nation brings having played in Oakland twice while a Brown, but he's excited to experience it as a player for the home team and can't wait to hear the roar of the crowd when the wins start adding up.

"I’ve played in the stadium twice I think," Little said. "It was a tremendous atmosphere, but when we start to stack wins on top of wins, I can only imagine the attitude and the overall decibel level that that stadium is going to get to."

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