Daily Dr. Roto - Sunday, August 10

Special delivery from Dr. Roto! The readers have sent in their questions via our Scout Fantasy Forum (link at the very end of this article) and the doctor has the answers.



Here are some of the best questions that I received this week. I thought I would share them along with detailed answers.

One Keeper league. Should I protect Josh Gordon or Jeremy Maclin? I need to decide by Tuesday. — Brandon

As much as I love Gordon, there is still a huge question with regards to his suspension and missed time this year. I would rather take the chance on Maclin, who should easily be a WR3 on any winning Fantasy team.

Do you think it is crazy to be weak at RB and strong everywhere else? — Scott

This is called the zero RB theory which is being espoused by many Fantasy Football experts right now. After the top 10 to 15 RB are taken, the choices are thin, so teams have decided to load up on WRs and then take the top backups who could emerge at RB (like Jeremy Hill and James White). While I like this theory, I would like to have one great RB if possible. It is much harder to hope that two RBs emerge over the course of the season than for one to do so.

What are the most important things to do and bring to my draft? - Bobby

Be prepared!  Know the player pool. There should be no surprises for you when names get called out in the draft. Also have a sheet with the BYE weeks so you don't get caught having too many players off the same week. Lastly, bring in a cheat sheet with rankings (start here with my QB rankings on ScoutFantasy.com) so you have an expert list to compare your ideas.

What's your thinking about keeping Gio vs. Ball? — Brian

I would keep Gio for sure in a PPR league. His upside is tremendous! I can imagine him getting 1000 yards rushing and another 700 receiving to go along with 60 receptions and eight or so TDs. Those numbers are worthy of a top 5 RB. Ball makes more sense in a standard league where TDs are even more vital. Many are worried about Ball's appendectomy; I am more worried about his blocking. If he can't block, he won't play.

Thoughts on Devonta Freeman vs. Brandin Cooks in a 14 man PPR? — Shallender

Freeman is this year's Gio Bernard. He is fast, quick out of the backfield, and has great hands. However, the Falcons will give incumbent starting RB Steven Jackson every chance to keep his job. They need his leadership off the field and they need his experience on the field.  As for Cooks, the sky is the limit. One of my good friends said that Cooks reminds him of a young Torry Holt (formerly with the Rams). That might not be too far off. Cooks is quick and has terrific hands. More importantly, he is willing to learn and he has a great teacher in QB Drew Brees.

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