Still Gets Good News, May Get Some More Soon

Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still's daughter, Leah, is now cancer-free after undergoing treatment for the disease. He's also got a one-year contract offer on the table from the football team.

Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still on Tuesday posted an Instagram message saying his daughter, Leah, is now cancer-free after undergoing treatment for the disease.

Leah has been fighting Stage 4 neuroblastoma, a rare type of pediatric cancer.

The Instagram message showed Still and Leah smiling together and flexing their muscles. They posted the message at 4:44 p.m. Tuesday.

"That moment you get the best news you've ever received and don't know what to do so you just flex!!," Still posted. "We got Leah's MIBG Scans back tonight and the doctors told us they didn't see any active disease in her body!!! We still have to wait for her MRI and bone biopsy results later this week. But the doctors feel very optimistic about them because of the results from today. So for now we celebrate!! #LeahStrong #PrayersWork #ThankYouEveryOne #ImSoHappyIFeelNumb #BeatCancer"

According to the National Institutes of Health, MBIG (metaiodobenzylguanidine) scans use small amounts of radioactive compounds to locate and diagnose tumors. Leah's tumor was removed last fall. Doctors had given her a 50-50 chance of beating cancer.

The Bengals are awaiting a decision by Still, who has been offered a one-year contract, according to several published reports. The offer was first reported March 10, so it's been more than a week since it was made. Still has kept it under consideration, with reportedly no other competing offers to consider.

Still, formerly a free agent until the Bengals decided not to offer him a one-year tender ($1.526 million), has access to the NFL's benefits package, which assists in caring for family, so long as he remains under contract with a league team.

Still is expected to accept Cincinnati's offer. The Bengals' official web site echoed the sentiment, saying "expect them to re-sign Devon Still on a one-year minimum (that’s all anybody is getting now)."

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