Little In Hollywood Hills Eviction War

Wide receiver Greg Little can't catch a break. An unrestricted free-agent, he's been without a team since the Bengals released him in February. If his Hollywood Hills landlords have their way, he could be a man without a home.

Wide receiver Greg Little has been without a team since the Bengals released him Feb. 28. It appears that he's going to be a man without a home, if his California landlords have their way.

That's going to pinch his lifestyle a little bit, because Little loves the high-life.

Little, who was with Oakland in 2014 before later joining the Bengals, has been renting a very large three-bedroom house in Hollywood Hills. But a dispute over rent nonpayment has caused the landlords to seek his eviction.

Little, originally a Cleveland Brown and now an unrestricted free-agent, told TMZ Sports that he's not moving, and that the situation is the result of a misunderstanding.

The 25-year-old receiver starting renting the purported $15,000-a-month bachelor pad in January, about a month before the Bengals cut him. He missed a rent payment after the Bengals let him go, according to TMZ. The landlords said Little's check bounced, resulting in their ultimatum -- pay or vacate.

Little maintained possession.

He's still occupying the home in what has devolved into a he-said/they-said ordeal. Little is claiming that he purposely withheld the rent check as a protest for the house's condition, which the receiver believes is a little down at the heels.

"When you pay for a high-dollar house, you want everything to be smooth," Little told TMZ Sports, adding that "stuff was breaking left and right. They wouldn't fix the stuff."

Little said all he wants is fairness. But, according to TMZ, his landlords want him out. They are going to fix the situation their way, by filing court documents forcing his eviction.

Various web sites had Little making $745,000 from the Bengals after he played in six games last season. He caught six passes for 69 yards. He rented a place in Cincinnati when he joined the Bengals, but went back to California upon his release.

Little played every game of his first three seasons with the Browns, totaling 155 receptions for 1,821 yards, but since has fallen on hard times.

Little, originally from North Carolina and a former football and basketball player for the North Carolina Tar Heels, was already on the fringes of the NFL when the Bengals added him in October. His signing followed a six-week wait after his August release from the Raiders. When Little failed to distinguish himself as other Cincinnati receivers around him succumbed to injury or ineffectiveness, the Bengals let him go after the season.

He's been off the radar ever since, until now. Not exactly the kind of ink Little was hoping for as he attempts to get back in the league for a fifth season. He was drafted by the Browns in 2011 in the second round with the 59th overall pick, with great promise.

With limited income and lack of a current team, the receiver may have to think a little smaller for the time being.

That said, he can't go back to Chapel Hill.

UNC sent a disassociation letter in November 2013 to Little and two other UNC athletes for improper benefits taken during their time at the university. The three are prohibited from contacting current UNC athletes and are not allowed inside the Kenan Football Center or other athletic facilities on campus.

Little did not play football as a Tar Heels senior after being ruled ineligible by the NCAA for lying to investigators about receiving travel accommodations and jewelry.

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