Marvin Lewis Likes 8-Person Officiating Crew

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, an NFL Competition Committee member, sees an extra set of eyes benefiting a faster NFL game

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis likes the idea of an eight-person officiating crew.

Lewis, a member of the NFL's Competition Committee, was asked Wednesday if he was in favor of the new officiating crew experiment this preseason.

"Yes, there’s some advantage to having an eighth official back there,” the coach said.

Lewis likes the idea in part because today's version of the NFL game requires more than seven officials on the field.

"It’s a fast game with a lot of big fast people. Balls down the field will gain a bit of an advantage with another set of eyes," Lewis said. "We know those plays that happen downfield are critical all the time, and the judgment that comes into that would be good."

The coach said extra focus on the back of the playing field is especially welcomed.

"...Because we’ve moved the umpire, I think we’re going to gain some advantage with the eighth official being in the back end," the coach said. "We can gain some advantage on defensive holding and some things that occur now that are being missed since the ump has been moved."

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