Bengals Get Back To Regular Business

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said his many veteran players understand the focus that is required in everything they do from here on out, from Sunday's opener in Oakland all the way to the playoffs.

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis addressed the media Monday, as it was a day of labor on Labor Day for the Bengals' coaching staff.

They are taking a look at recent cuts around the league, and seeing if there is a match and anyone better than they currently have after cutting down to the 53-player roster limit.

The Bengals practiced Sunday and Monday.

"We had good work yesterday, and we have a good opportunity today to get out and get back for football since we haven’t played since Thursday night," Lewis said Monday. "It’ll be good focus as we begin preparation for the Raiders, as it comes around quickly. We know they’ve put together a very good-looking, physical football team. They’ve set their standard of play from Jack (head coach Jack Del Rio), and they look good on tape.”

Lewis said that it can be a challenge for some while shifting from preseason mode to the regular season.

“Well, I think for some of the young people it is," the coach said. "But our veteran players that have been through this. They understand and know the focus that has to happen in everything you do, from the detail of insertion, the detail of how the play should come off on both sides, and so forth.”

Lewis said the Bengals have the right mix of veterans and youngsters (all eight draft picks made the roster in some way), reiterating something he said before training camp.

I think it’s what you want to have. We’ve got, obviously, a number of three, four, five-year players who have been down this road, as well as the guys on the other end," he said. "We have about 10 guys with eight, nine, 10 years of experience. So, we’re pretty well put together that way. We’ve got the ability to mentor and bring along and keep pulling forward the young players.”

Lewis said the Oakland opener is not just another road trip.

“I think this one has special stuff. It’s the opening game, on the road," the coach said. "To me, that’s the thing, no matter where you’re going to play it. We’re opening on the road for the sixth year in a row, and there are certain things that come with that, and we understand that, and we’ve got to take care of our business.”

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