Dalton Dishes On Hill's Touchdown Dances

Bengals fans want to see Jeremy Hill do the "Shmoney Dance" in Cincinnati's 2015 home opener on Sunday against the Chargers at Paul Brown Stadium. But what other moves might Hill have in store if he gets in the end zone? Andy Dalton tries to give us the lowdown.

When he gets in the end zone, Bengals running back Jeremy Hill gyrates with the "Shmoney Dance" and apparently something called the "Dab" in addition to other dances.

He showed off his moves after two touchdowns in the 33-13 season-opening win in Oakland.

Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton has the "Spike." He broke it out during the preseason. It's not a dance. It's just a spike. Dalton freely admits that he may not have the moves for a dance following a touchdown.

Even when he uncustomarily spiked the football following a preseason rushing score it was a rare show of post-TD emotion for the all-business quarterback, who went to college at Texas Christian. Dalton said "it felt right" but that's all we got from him in the end zone.

He's seen the "Shmoney" a stone-cold classic. But Dalton is not yet down with the "Dab" even though the quarterback said that he and Hill have talked about touchdown dances. When asked if he could pull off moves like the "Dab," Dalton said, “I don't even know what the 'Dab' is. I probably couldn't, no.”

Hill scored nine touchdowns last season, giving him 11 in 17 career regular season games, so he has good reason to vary his end zone dance routine. He had one TD this preseason against the Bears, promising that there were more moves to come if he scored again.

Apparently, Hill's fertile imagination is the land of a thousand dances. The second-year back has a plethora of moves in his head, so he would have no need to consult his less gyrational quarterback, right?

“On Saturday night, he comes to me and asks me what he should do. I kind of show him what he should do," Dalton joked. "No, I'll randomly ask him, ‘What you got ready for today?’"

Depending on the Sunday, Hill might actually let the quarterback in on the day's dancing secret.

"Sometimes he'll tell me, sometimes he won't," said Dalton. "You know, it’s fun. It's good to see him in the end zone, and it's fun to see him dance.”

Dalton also may not be aware of the "U Dub Step," perfected by Chargers running back Melvin Gordon when the rookie starred at the University of Wisconsin. The Chargers visit Cincinnati Sunday for a 1 p.m. game against the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium.

The last time San Diego was in town, following the 2013 regular season, Chargers back Ronnie Brown did the "Sprinkler Dance" following a touchdown in San Diego's 27-10 Wild Card playoff win.

Here's Hill doing the "Shmoney" (thanks to You Tube). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_4wixLZYFs

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