Paul Brown Stadium: Safety In Numbers

A fan collapsed and died at Sunday's Bengals game at Paul Brown Stadium, which is on stand-by for health-related events with a multitude of personnel ready to save lives.

A Cincinnati police officer on Sunday was the first responder when a 58-year-old man from Missouri collapsed in a restroom in the club area at Paul Brown Stadium.

The female officer administered CPR in attempt to save him, according to a report, which said that two defibrillation attempts by paramedics were unsuccessful.

The man, who had a pre-existing condition, was transported to a hospital by fire department paramedics, and was pronounced dead, but not after several qualified people who were hired to work the game attempted to save his life shortly after he collapsed.

There are plenty of emergency personnel in place at the 12-year-old stadium ready to handle any medical emergency, according to a report at

Tom McKee wrote Monday evening at the Scripps Media outlet that if you go to a Bengals game at Paul Brown Stadium, chances are you will be near someone who could save your life should something unfortunate occur.

McKee wrote that a combination of agencies, including a private medical firm inside the stadium, an emergency physician in the stands and Cincinnati police and fire department personnel stand at the ready to serve any of the 65,535 people, the stadium's capacity.

A fire department captain told McKee that in place Sunday at the game was a commander, three code enforcement personnel, a fire lieutenant and a life safety officer.

Fire and police personnel, officers from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and the FBI were in a press box command center at Paul Brown Stadium while the action was going on down on the field between the Bengals and visiting Kansas City Chiefs.

McKee's report said that the Bengals have in their employ a private firm, First Care Medical Services, to handle medical issues that occur inside the stadium, with normally 26 employees on duty, including a registered nurse, paramedics, a dispatcher and a commander.

There are also between five and eight ambulances parked on site, McKee said.

If something unfortunate health-wise were to occur, and you wanted your life saved, one of the best places to be in Cincinnati is Paul Brown Stadium.

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