Dalton Speaks While Silencing His Critics

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton: "We still haven’t played our best game."

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton met the media following Sunday's 34-21 road win at Buffalo.

Here is what he had to say about the win and the team's 6-0 start.

QUESTION: Andy, the second touchdown drive of the third quarter, it really shows the complete potential of this offense when you complete to Mo [Sanu], Marvin [Jones], AJ [Green], to Tyler [Eifert], is that just kind of the perfect storm?

DALTON: Yeah, we spread the ball around a lot. A lot of different guys are getting the ball and like I’ve said throughout the time you never know who is going to have the big week. Today Marvin had a bunch of catches and so for us it’s nice to have the ability to spread it around to a bunch of different guys because we have a lot of playmakers on this team.

QUESTION: What was your vantage point when you flipped it into the end zone on that long drive?

ANSWER: I got to see the whole thing so I was just hoping that he was going to be able to stretch the ball out, he kept his feet in and made an unbelievable play on it and got the ball over the line.

Q: He said that on the bomb that he told you “throw it to me, just launch it” is that an accurate statement?

A: I mean we had talked about the play on the sidelines a couple of times. It’s one of those things where if you get the right look you get the chance to hit it and he kept saying “Hey if we get the look that we want, I’m going to go get it” and he did.

Q: What does he do different than some other guys?

A: He’s so talented. He’s got such great straight line speed and can come out of breaks and can track the ball really well. He’s everything you want in a receiver.

Q: Andy, Rex Ryan said after the fact that maybe they didn’t put enough pressure on you, did you guys have a plan for that?

A: Yeah I mean he’s known for all of the different looks that he gives you and he gave us some looks but when we had chances to make good plays we did. They played a lot more two high coverage than what they’ve shown in the past. I think that just shows what kind of guys we have on the outside.

Q: They really didn’t blitz much did they?

A: I mean they did some, but you can say they didn’t blitz a lot for a Rex Ryan defense. We did a good job in pass protection, picking stuff up and knowing the looks we were getting.

Q: How important was that drive the second half to set the tone for the final couple quarters?

A: That was really big. You know you want to come out and you want to play fast and you want to score quickly, especially since they scored right before halftime you wanted to respond at that point and we did that.

Q: Was there some talk at halftime about upping the tempo a little bit more and having a bit more urgency on offense?

A: Yeah we feel like we can play a little bit quicker than we were and it worked well for us. We got moving, we got momentum and we just kind of kept rolling and it shows with the touchdowns we were able to score.

Q: On a day when you’re going against Buffalo and their front four in particular, you love your offensive line and trust them but do you prepare yourself that this could be a day that you could take some hits? And then obviously today that wasn’t the case.

A: I don’t go into a game thinking I’m going to get hit. I’ve got so much faith in our guys and especially with our preparation, knowing different looks with blitz pickups and everything, the protection is something you feel really good about it. So going into these games I don’t expect to be getting hit, I feel like our guys are going to block them.

Q: I think I saw you on the ground once. How many times do you think you maybe got touched today?

A: I didn’t feel like I got hit at all. (laughing)

Q: Best start in franchise history, what does 6-0 mean to you?

A: It’s huge. I mean you look at the schedule and you see the start week and the bye and this is exactly what you want to be going undefeated into the bye. You want to win every game that you play so we just have to keep it going. We can’t look back to what we have done, we have to keep doing exactly what we have been doing and keep pushing to be the best we can be.

Q: Do you wish you had another game next week?

A: The bye is going to hit at some point so I feel like this is a good time, we’re going to be able to get fresh and it’s a 10 week season after that.

Q: I feel like this is the first time that you guys have had this offense that you have been designing for the last couple years. It always seems like there’s one guy who’s missing, Tyler [Eifert] last year, it feels like now finally all the weapons are here at the same time and this is kind of the super weapon that you’ve been designing.

A: This is the first time we have had everyone here with Hugh [Jackson] it was a lot of the same guys that are contributing but it is nice to have all of the different guys that we have that can play a big part in the game so we feel really good about where we are at.

Q: It seemed like Rex [Ryan] just said, we’re not going to have AJ [Green] beat us, but if those other guys beat us, it’s fine.

A: Yeah, when we go into the week it’s kind of like how are they going to try to take away AJ? They did, they played two high coverage and cheated to him and didn’t let him do it but that leaves the other guys one on one.

Q: The biggest play might have been the scramble on the third and eight when he came back for the ball, can you run through that?

A: It’s one of those things that we practiced a scramble drill and finding ways to get open when the play doesn’t work out exactly how you drew it up. He did a good job of getting open and making a big first down catch. We got right past the sticks and we were able to keep the drive going.

Q: Will there be a point where they start to cover other guys and ease up on AJ a little bit?

A: I mean we’ll take that. It just kind of depends on how defenses are going to try to adjust and what they are going to try to take away.

Q: Was there a point in the off season where you knew that Tyler and Marvin were going to be back and you looked and said man this offense is going to be pretty dangerous? Was there a moment like that this off season?

A: Yeah when we were in OTA’s and we had all of our guys going and you feel like you see the potential in everyone. You just have to put it all together. We still haven’t played our best game but we’ve done enough to win these games and we’ve got a lot of talented players.

Q: What will your best look like?

A: Well, you wouldn’t throw an incompletion, you would score every time you had the ball (laughing). No I mean, I think there are some inconsistencies in there and we have to find a way to keep it going every series.

Q: How special do you think this team is, you weren’t even born the last time the Bengals went 6-0.

A: Yeah, we feel like we’ve got the group here and we know what our goals are, we know what we’re trying to accomplish and keeping our head down and taking it one week at a time.

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