Naked Bengals Caught On Camera (UPDATED)

NFL transparency has apparently been taken to new and accidental levels. During a televised postgame interview Sunday with Bengals cornerback Adam Jones in the bowels of Ralph Wilson Stadium, some Bengals were accidentally caught on camera in various stages of disrobe.

Deadspin is at it again.

The no-holds-barred web site likes transparency. But, this is ridiculous.

During a televised postgame interview with Bengals cornerback Adam Jones in the bowels of the Bills' Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, N.Y., some disrobed Bengals apparently were on camera, unwittingly, during an NFL Network broadcast.

So, we get sensational headlines after the Cincinnati road win like: "Naked Bengals players in locker room background during Adam Jones interview."

Titillating, for sure.

Jones probably can't believe his luck.

Images started making the rounds via a link that turned out to be, well, dead, when we got there.

Here's where we went:

Here's what we saw: 404 / Post not found (id = 1737237)

In other words, nothing.

Looks like somebody with some sense, and authority, got that removed.

Reportedly, Albert Breer of the NFL Network conducted an interview with Jones after the Bengals' win over Buffalo, with some half-dressed-and-less Bengals players apparently in the background.

Here's another link if you're that hard up:

Stay tuned on this one.

We are bound to hear more, and maybe see more regarding this NFL incident of accidental transparency. Where there is a TMZ, there is a way...

UPDATE: On Monday, an NFL Network executive apologized to the Bengals players who were shown naked during Sunday's postgame interview in the visiting team locker room at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Also Monday, Bengals captain, offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth, called for changes to media access in NFL locker rooms.

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