Devon Still's NFL Dream Will Not Be Stilled

Former Cincinnati defensive lineman Devon Still isn't giving up on his NFL dreams. The Colts and now the Titans have given him a look-see as league teams begin kicking some tires after injuries kick in.

Former Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still is receiving opportunities to get back into the NFL.

According to published reports, Still had a second NFL tryout on Thursday.

The identity of the second team, according to reports, was the Tennessee Titans. Still reportedly had a September tryout with the Indianapolis Colts.

Paul Kuharsky, ESPN's Tennessee Titans beat writer, first reported that Still, and former Bengal Christo Bilukidi, were among a group of several players the Titans had in for workouts Thursday.

Also in for a look-see as the Titans kick some tires, according to Kuharsky, were Da'Quan Bowers, Josh Chapman, Kelcy Quarles and Terry Redden.

Bilukidi appeared in two games for Cincinnati in 2013. Still played in 12 games last season, and became a national courage award winner following a very public battle waged against pediatric cancer by his five-year-old daughter, Leah.

The Bengals released Still during final September cuts. Last year, they also released him on cut-down day, but brought him back to the practice squad after which he appeared in 12 games, enabling the family to continue using NFL insurance policies and receive health benefits coming with program membership

Still appeared in 30 games with the Bengals from 2012 through last season, giving him enough service time to earn NFL health benefits for an additional five years, beginning with his last date of employment. For now, that is Sept. 5, 2015.

If Still signs with another NFL team, the five-year clock will start over after the next time he is released or when he has his contract expire.

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