Tez The Tornado

Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict leaps off the injured list, and absolute bedlam ensues. But, the team wants him to play nice, too.

The Bengals worked behind the scenes to make sure all is well with Vontaze Burfict and a Bengals camera operator the linebacker collided with at Thursday's game against Cleveland at Paul Brown Stadium.

“Vontaze was asked to reach out to Jim (Strickler, the camera operator)," Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said this week.

The coach is just making sure both parties are OK following the incident.

"Jim has been spoken to (by Bengals front office), and he was saying: ‘Oh, he (Burfict) doesn’t have to do that, I understand those things happen.’"

But, Lewis left nothing to chance. When he met with the media mid-week, he spelled out that Tez had a little job to do.

"Vontaze was asked to reach out and say he’s glad Jim wasn’t injured any more severely," said Lewis.

The coach probably OK'd some graft, too. But, first things first. The Bengals set up a meeting between Burfict and one of their freelance camera operators, one of several stationed at various locations around the football field at PBS.

It's a good PR move since Burfict has been an absolute house wrecker since he returned from injury at Pittsburgh, where he was involved in a tackle that ended the season for Steelers running Le'Veon Bell.

As with the accidental result with Bell, Burfict didn't mean to knock over one of the team's camera operators. The day Lewis spoke about the collision, Tez was on his way to meet Strickler.

"Vontaze is waiting for him to be finished with his shift," Lewis said of the impending meeting. "I guess (Strickler is) a hard working person and did an early shift today at his other job (at Channel 5), as well."

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