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Bengals Had Their Way Against St. Louis Because They Were Ram-Tougher

The Rams' Todd Gurley. The ghosts. The jets. Whatever St. Louis threw at the Bengals, they proved tougher with leverage.

Upon further review, coach Marvin  Lewis said the Bengals did a nice job leveraging their assets against the St. Louis Rams in the 31-7 win on Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium.

“The positives included us dealing with their offense and how they go about it, with the arounds, the ghosts, and the jets. We knew leverage was going to be important," Lewis said.

"We got out of leverage twice and it cost us. I was pleased throughout the ballgame with our effort and energy running to the ball. Sometimes it became an open-field game, and tackling is at a premium, and running to the ball. We have to continue to be consistent with that. There were a lot of good snaps. We want to continue that, chasing the ball and making plays that way."

The coach was happy to see power back Jeremy Hill going downhill for gainers instead of bashing into piles of people with little results. Hill had a season-high 86 yards rushing on more than 4.0 yards per carry. Hill was averaging less than 3.5 yards per carry entering play.

“Offensively, we want to continue to be more consistent in the running game. We had some good runs, and we had some runs that we weren’t quite happy with," Lewis said.

"I think the same thing goes with the screens. We just need to make it more consistent throughout the ballgame. We have some work to do with that, because it can be a big part of any pass offense to offset sometimes, and keep defenses sound."

Overall, the coach said, it was a well-played Bengals game, which the margin reflected.

“Special teams wise, we knew with the returner they had, and some of the things schematically they do, that our guys had to be very alert and on point. I was pleased with that part," said Lewis.

"Just being able to make sure we reduce the field. I think Kevin (Huber) did a really good job of that and gave us an opportunity to cover the ball. It was pleasing day on that end. Then we have to get better to get our returner going.”

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