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Bengals TGIF: Microsoft Picks Bengals

Microsoft Cortana, a virtual assistant that picks winners of every NFL game, likes the Bengals against the Steelers.

If you want to do some pre-game micro-managing of the Bengals' chances of winning Saturday night's home Wild Card playoff against Pittsburgh, might as well listen to Microsoft.

Microsoft Cortana has made its NFL picks for Wild Card weekend, and it likes the Bengals, according to Yahoo!

Microsoft Cortana, the virtual assistant that picks the outright winner of every NFL game, concluded the regular season with a record of 161-95 (63 percent), and now it’s taking on the playoffs.

Last year, Cortana went 8-3 in the playoffs, and correctly predicted prior to Wild Card weekend that the New England Patriots would win the Super Bowl.

This year, Cortana again thinks New England will hoist the Lombardi Trophy in a 2004 Super Bowl rematch between the Patriots and Panthers.

Here are the Microsoft Cortana Wild Card picks for this weekend (spread inserted):

Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) @ Cincinnati Bengals — Bengals 53% chance to win

Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5) @ Houston Texans — Chiefs 63%

Seattle Seahawks (-5) @ Minnesota Vikings — Seahawks 63%

Green Bay Packers (-1) @ Washington Redskins — Redskins 57%

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