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Bengals One Of Two NFL Teams Boasting A Top-5 Red Zone TD Offense And Defense

Red alert! Bengals got it done inside the 20.

When it came down to the nitty-gritty, the Bengals were both generous and stingy in the red zone in 2015.

Say you can't have both?

Well, the Bengals were so good on both sides of the ball inside the 20 yard line that just one other NFL team was able to match their top-of-the class production on plays that reached the end zone.

Cincinnati and the New York Jets were the only teams in the league ranking in the top five in the regular season in both offensive and defensive red-zone touchdown percentage.

The Bengals finished fifth in both categories.

They were successful 65.5 percent of the time on offense.

They were successful on defense 47.4 percent of the time.

Overall, the Bengals had 58 possessions inside the 20. They defended 38 possessions inside the 20 on defense.

On offense, they scored 38 TDs and kicked 12 field goals, for 50 total scores.

On defense, the Bengals allowed 18 TDs and 15 field goals, for 33 total scores.

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