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Marvin Lewis Back On The Hot Seats

Lewis guided the Bengals to their fifth straight playoff appearance with a franchise-tying 12 wins, but he can't seem to keep a cool fanny.

After 13 years, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis is still on the hot seat.

Lewis, who guided the Bengals to their fifth straight playoff appearance with a franchise-tying 12 wins, just can't seem to keep a cool fanny with those who seemingly wouldn't know their butt from a you know what.

Lewis has a hole on his resume, a big fat zero in the win column in seven postseason games. It's enough for uninformed Bengals outsiders to out themselves by spewing another year of fodder suggesting that Lewis is on the hot seat with Cincinnati owner/president/general manager Mike Brown, which couldn't be further from the truth.

It's thought that Brown is mulling over the possibility of making Lewis the Bengals' first general manager when the coach WANTS to step down. Had Hue Jackson stayed as Bengals' offensive coordinator instead of bolting to become the Browns' head coach, it is believed that Lewis was ready to lay out a succession plan to Jackson that would have made Brown, Lewis, Jackson and the scouting department equal partners in the draft war room, with Jackson as head coach.

But, these are slow news days in the NFL right now and some people are already out of ideas. So, hey, let's put Marvin Lewis back on the hot seat (and while we're at it, let's suggest that Bengals backup quarterback AJ McCarron just has to be traded this offseason).

It's mindless chatter, founded in nothing but unimaginative minds.

There are not one but two hot-seat lists with Lewis' name on them. Here's the explanation from one:

"The Bengals are still waiting for their first playoff win under Lewis. It’s hard to see them waiting another year with how last year’s playoff exit went down. Cincinnati would have finally snagged that elusive postseason win if not for total lack of discipline. Some of that has to fall on the head coach. Lewis’ seat is particularly hot since a winning record won’t be enough for him to secure his job. The Bengals need to have some playoff success to justify a 15th year with Lewis at the helm."


For the record, also showing up on hot-seat lists are the Rams' Jeff Fisher, the Colts' Chuck Pagano, the Cowboys' Jason Garrett, the Chargers' Mike McCoy, the Lions' Jim Caldwell, the Jaguars' Gus Bradley, the Titans' Mike Mularkey and the Ravens' John Harbaugh.

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