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Bengals' Lewis Said Last Loss Left An Ache

“The last two minutes will stay with us all the way through, there’s no question about that. That’s just the way it is," the coach said.

Marvin Lewis shared some personal thoughts recently about the ending of Cincinnati's 18-16 Wild Card playoff loss to Pittsburgh with Dayton Ohio's WLWT News 5’s Elise Jesse, who had the chance to sit down with the Bengals' head coach.

Lewis said the final two minutes of the game was upsetting to the stomach.

“...The last two minutes will stay with us all the way through, there’s no question about that. That’s just the way it is -- it’s the ache in your belly," Lewis said. "It’s every solemn moment when nothing else is on your mind, that pops into your mind -- you know, those plays. And, unfortunately, that’s just the way it is."

Lewis, entering his 14th season in Cincinnati, also talked about Bengals coaching changes. He said they will cause the defensive-oriented head coach to steer focus to the offensive side.

“With the new coaches, we have a new offensive structure, so I’ll spend more time that way," the coach told Jesse. "Half the coaches on defense, two thirds being all new, so we’ll be more football oriented here as far as getting everybody on the same page of how we do things and how we are going to do things.

"I think (it will be good) being alongside the coordinators and how we put together our insertion of the off-season program when we go to phase one, phase two and phase three in the off-season, and make sure we detail that. So we’ll get on that a lot earlier because our guys were used to being together. And now, we’re starting over again. So we want to make sure everybody is on the same page, so when the players hit the building here April 18, we’re ready to go."

It could be an offseason of change. The Bengals have 14 unrestricted free agents, few of them your average garden-variety. Lewis says, fine.

“To me, the NFL system works because we have four starters on offense and defense, (Mohamad) Sanu is five, guys who have played significant snaps who will go into free agency this year, and we’ll work to get our guys back," Lewis told Jesse. "But, you know the best thing about the system is, if you don’t think what we can do here is good, then you have an opportunity to go somewhere else, and hopefully the next guy who has been sitting behind you seizes that opportunity, and he makes the very best of it, and that’s what’s important.

"So, whether it be us to go on parallel paths into free agency in the position where we have our players who are free agents, secondly we have to reinforce ourselves throughout the draft."

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